Why Basements Leak?

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Every wonder why basements leak?

You would think that home builders would have figured this one out by now, right?

Water is Essentially Unstoppable 

One inch of rain on a typical small home's roof can generates 500-600 gallons of water entering your gutters and downspouts. One inch of rain on one acre of ground around your home creates 27,000 to 28,000 gallons of water increasing the likelihood of water rising above the foundation of your home and into the block walls.

Over time this water will penetrate the block wall of your basement, heavy rain will fall and water will come in.

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The Problem

A leaky basement is not something you want to ignore. It takes 24 to 48 hours under ideal conditions for mold to start to grow.  

So how can you dry out your basement

Most people see dry and assume everything is ok. After even a moderate flood this simply is not the case. Water finds its way into every crack and crevice of a basement. Its behind baseboards, under carpet and usual lingering in your block wall itself.

For this you need basement wall waterproofing. To help dry out the basement in the mean time you need at least a fan and a dehumidifier. If you only use fans your only moving water and moist air around your basement.

The Experts


A good company will charge from $2000 on up for an interior waterproofing job. 


A good company will charge from $12,000  to $15,000 on up. 

Comparing the Interior and Exterior Methods

The Way I See It

You most likely already have an exterior waterproofing system. This system did a good job but the elements underground outside of your house will always defeat the exterior system. This is exactly what will happen with a new installation of a exterior system. Money is also a huge factor here. Exterior excavation is quite expensive. 

The only solution that is guaranteed to last is an interior system.

The interior system can be installed seamlessly, discreetly and without competition from the elements underground and outside of your house. The only visible signs of the job will be the sump pump. With modern systems and battery backups the sump pump is a safe and highly effective option.